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A ScriptableObject processor used to build input for a Navmesh build. (Editor Only)

Namespace: org.critterai.nmbuild.u3d.editor
Assembly: cai-nmbuild-u3d-editor (in cai-nmbuild-u3d-editor.dll) Version: (


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public interface IInputBuildProcessor : IPriorityItem
Public Interface IInputBuildProcessor _
	Inherits IPriorityItem
public interface class IInputBuildProcessor : IPriorityItem


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 XNA Framework Only 

 .NET Compact Framework Only 

True if the multiple processors of the same type can be included in a build.
The name of the processor.
ProcessInput(InputBuildContext, InputBuildState)
Processes the context.


Processors are called during each step of the input build, in ascending priority.

This interface is only valid when implemented by a ScriptableObject.

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