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Provides various 3D vector utility methods.

Namespace: org.critterai
Assembly: cai-util (in cai-util.dll) Version: (


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public static class Vector3Util
Public NotInheritable Class Vector3Util
public ref class Vector3Util abstract sealed


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Cross(Vector3, Vector3)
Performs a "right-handed" vector cross product. (u x v)
Dot(Vector3, Vector3)
Returns the vector dot product of the specified vectors. (u . v)
Flatten(array<Vector3>[]()[][], Int32)
Flattens the vector array into a float array in the form (x, y, z) * vertCount.
GetBounds(array<Vector3>[]()[][], Int32, Vector3%, Vector3%)
Gets the minimum and maximum bounds of the AABB which contains the array of points.
GetDistance2D(Vector3, Vector3)
Gets the distance between the specified points on the xz-plane. (Ignores y-axis.)
GetDistanceSq(Vector3, Vector3)
Returns the square of the distance between two points.
Returns the square of the length of the vector.
Creates an array of vectors from a flattend array of vectors.
GetVectors(array<Single>[]()[][], Int32, array<Vector3>[]()[][], Int32, Int32)
Copies a range of vectors from a flattend array to a vector array.
IsInRange(Vector3, Vector3, Single, Single)
Determines whether or not the two points are within range of each other based on a xz-plane radius and a y-axis height.
Normalizes the specified vector such that its length is equal to one. (Costly method!)
SloppyEquals(Vector3, Vector3, Single)
Determines whether or not the specified vectors are equal within the specified tolerance.
Returns a standard string representation of the specified vector.
TranslateToward(Vector3, Vector3, Single)
Translates point A toward point B by the specified factor of the distance between them.
The zero vector. (0, 0, 0)


Static methods are thread safe.

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