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Packed data representing neighbor polygon ids and flags for each edge.

Namespace: org.critterai.nav
Assembly: cai-nav (in cai-nav.dll) Version: (


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public ushort[] neighborPolyRefs
Public neighborPolyRefs As UShort()
array<unsigned short>^ neighborPolyRefs


Length: MaxAllowedVertsPerPoly.

Each entry represents data for the edge starting at the vertex of the same index. E.g. The entry at index n represents the edge data for vertex[n] to vertex[n+1].

A value of zero indicates the edge has no polygon connection. (It makes up the border of the navigation mesh.)

The polygon id can be found as follows: (int)neighborPolyRefs[n] & 0xff

The edge is an external (portal) edge if the following test is true: (neighborPolyRefs[n] & Navmesh.ExternalLink) == 0

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