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Minimum floor to 'ceiling' height that will still allow the floor area to be considered walkable. [Limit: >= MinWalkableHeight] [Units: YCellSize]

Namespace: org.critterai.nmgen
Assembly: cai-nmgen (in cai-nmgen.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public int WalkableHeight { get; set; }
Public Property WalkableHeight As Integer
property int WalkableHeight {
	int get ();
	void set (int value);


Permits detection of overhangs in the source geometry that make the geometry below un-walkable.

Usually set to the maximum agent height.

Example: Consider a table located on a floor. With this parameter set correctly, the floor area under the table will not be considered walkable.

Value: Walkable Height

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