[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The maximum allowed length for edges on the border of the mesh. [Limit: >=0] [Units: XZCellSize]

Namespace: org.critterai.nmgen
Assembly: cai-nmgen (in cai-nmgen.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public int MaxEdgeLength { get; set; }
Public Property MaxEdgeLength As Integer
property int MaxEdgeLength {
	int get ();
	void set (int value);


Sometimes the build process can result in long thin triangles along the the mesh border. This parameters is used during the contour build process to add extra border vertices to prevent this from happening.

Start with a maximum edge length of zero (disabled). If you see a problem, then start with (WalkableRadius * 8) and adjust from there.

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