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Provides limited Wavefront utility methods. (Very limited.)

Namespace: org.critterai.geom
Assembly: cai-util (in cai-util.dll) Version: (


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public static class Wavefront
Public NotInheritable Class Wavefront
public ref class Wavefront abstract sealed


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 XNA Framework Only 

 .NET Compact Framework Only 

Translates a string in Wavefront format into a triangle mesh.
TranslateTo(TriangleMesh, Boolean, Boolean)
Creates a Wavefront format string from a triangle mesh.


Only a small subset of Wavefront information is supported.

Only the "v" and "f" entries are recognized. All others are ignored.

The v entries are expected to be in one of the following forms:

"v x y z w"
"v x y z"

The f entries are expected to be in one of the following forms:

(Note that only triangles are supported. Quads are not supported.)

"f v1/vt1/vn1 v2/vt2/vn2 v3/vt3/vn3"
"f v1 v2 v3"

Only the vertex portions of the entries are recognized, and only positive indices supported.

Static methods are thread safe.

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